Last Minute Gift Ideas for a Youngster!

When it comes to keeping parents informed about what’s happening in school, children aren’t the most reliable of messengers. Of course, until the last minute when you are told that they need to attend a birthday party the next day and you are only now realizing that you have to find a present!

At those times they are communication geniuses.

If you just know that this is going to happen to you, below are some great gift ideas for kids which you pick up at the last minute.


Parents love it when you gift their children with clothes, and with online shopping, it’s easier than ever to get them delivered quickly. Sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Hudson’s Bay can get a range of children’s clothes delivered to your door without the need to spend hours browsing through stores trying to find something which you think they will like. This option also allows you to shop from and receive the item at your work.

App Credit

If your recipient is at an age where they will be receiving their first mobile device then consider starting them off with an app-store credit. Find out whether they will be receiving an iPhone or an Android phone and pick up a voucher for the respective app store. Once they have this, they can immediately load it onto the account attached to their new device, allowing them to download and utilize apps and games straight away.

Movie Tickets

Kids love going to the movies, but taking their friends always depends on their friends’ parents budget. Head to your local cinema and pick up a pack of children’s movie tickets. Buying them in a pack saves on buying individual tickets, and allows them to take their friends along to a movie with them.

Video Games

If the recipient is of the age where they like video games, and the last game you can remember playing is Donkey Kong, don’t worry, all is not lost. The first thing you will need to do is to find out what console they have, likely to be either a Playstation or an XBox. Then, find out what genre of games they enjoy.

Once you have this information, head to your local video game store and ask them for the must-have game which matches the description.

Why is this a tip? This is on the list because it’s something which most adults don’t consider because they don’t understand the games they are shown, often thinking that it doesn’t make sense and the recipient won’t like it.

Of course, if you were interested, you could also for any games which have an educational element to them to help mix learning and fun.

There you have it! Four great gift ideas for youngsters that are sure to be well received and ones which you can easily pick up at the last minute! Do yourself a favor and bookmark this article so that when the time comes (and you know it will), you can be prepared.